Check VIN code

Enter the vehicle's VIN number and get full auto history, namely information about its characteristics and ownership history

What is the result of the VIN code check?

Checking the car info from VIN code makes it possible to get the most complete information in the form of a convenient report. This, in turn, will help to avoid many hidden problems when buying.

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What is a VIN code and what
information does it contain?

The VIN code is a unique automobile identifier.

It consists of a 17-digit combination of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet.

The use of VIN has been mandatory in all modern vehicle makes and models since 1981.

Earlier, before the early 80s, special car markings also existed, but they were not the only ones, which made it much more difficult to analyze cars when they were sold, crossed borders, and in other cases when it was needed. Nowadays, it has become much easier to find out the car history by VIN number.

The modern code is divided into 3 sections, each of which includes the key characteristics of the car.

The manufacturer's ID (first 3 values) will show the country of assembly, make and model of the machine.

The description section of the vehicle (next 6 characters) contains information about the technical characteristics.

The last 8 characters make up the distinctive identifier section, which will show the year of manufacture/model, serial number, etc.

Example of VIN code

2 Country of origin A Manufacturer's name H Production department CH136 Vehicle description: model, body type, engine, transmission 5 Check digit 5 Year of issue A Assembly plant code 005268 Vehicle serial number

How does a car check
by VIN code work?

The procedure is simple and answers several questions at once:

  • where was the machine manufactured?
  • who was its former official owner?
  • what year was the vehicle manufactured?
  • are there any problems with the documents and are there serious defects with body deformation?

The decoder works like this:

A request is sent with the full number, and then the data is checked in the system. In a few seconds, the user receives a short result containing information about the unique classifier of the machine

Be careful

If the data on the car or the documents do not match, this should be a red flag. Perhaps someone is trying to sell a car that is not officially registered in the country. Also, the absence of a code or difficulties in identifying it probably indicate some kind of accident or a fraudulent scheme related to the vehicle.


Why check the VIN number?

Checking a car by VIN code solves many issues related to the selection of a reliable vehicle.

You get the opportunity to compare the initial characteristics of the car with the current ones and identify discrepancies (if any), as well as establish their cause, for example, this may be the replacement of equipment or car parts due to an accident, breakdown, or other factors. Thus you can get the full VIN car history just by making a small request.

A discrepancy between the current characteristics of the car and the VIN number indicates that the data has been falsified. This is how traffic police inspectors find out about illegally imported, stolen or "accidentally" found cars. If there is nothing wrong with the number, the owner usually has no questions about where the car came from.

Without knowledge of the code, it is impossible to officially register a car. If it turns out that the data does not match, this will raise questions about the origin of the vehicle.

Before buying a car, it is recommended to check the car info by VIN code in order to detect any problems in time.


Where is the identification number
located in the car?

Most cars have a VIN number on a fixed part of the body. The information is also on a sticker called a nameplate.

Inside the car itself, the VIN will be under the hood, in a special window near the windshield, near the driver's door post, or under the floor paneling.

Under the windshield on the control panel On the engine - under the hood On the driver's side door frame