It should be noted right away that in an open market economy, when it is not difficult to find any make and model of car on the market, it is not recommended to buy cars that have a modified, missing or damaged VIN. If there is no VIN, it makes sense to look for other offers.

However, there are situations when you really want to buy a specific car, as an option, it may be a rare one that you have been "chasing" for a long time. And here the question may arise about how to check a car without VIN code.

Let's look at the most relevant ways.

Search engines

The simplest and most understandable way of checking, which people simply forget about, is the standard use of search engines, including Google. If you put a photo of a car or a registration number in them, then there is a chance to get interesting and useful information about the vehicle. It is clear that the chances are low, but they are available, especially since such a check of a car without VIN code does not take much time, does not require payment and does not require any special knowledge cause all modern people can use search engines.

The CCN Program

The program "Checking the Car by Number (CCN)" has been operating in Ukraine since 2013. It allows you to establish the legal purity and some aspects of previous operation (for example, getting into traffic accidents) by state number based on traffic police information.

Since the database has been maintained since 01.01.2013, the registration of the car should be later than this date. Otherwise, there will simply be no information of interest in the database. It is important that the information is provided online and does not require visiting the traffic police offices.


This resource allows you to get information about cars not only by VIN, but also by the state number. There is a special tab for these purposes. Here, data from the same database of the State Traffic Inspectorate is formed and systematized, so it is not necessary to expect breakthrough or top-secret information, but general data on the vehicle will definitely not be superfluous.

Looking for a VIN

Paradoxically, the state program "CCN", which operates on the basis of the traffic police database, does not provide for the establishment of a correspondence between the state registration number and the unique number established by the manufacturer. There is no such information there, therefore, in order to check a car without a VIN number, you will have to go another way.

Insurance is a source of necessary information

The shortest of them is to check the insurance policy, if, of course, it was issued. The report will provide information, including information related to the 17-digit code. By the way, it can have a different length if the car is very old. And then everything is simple, we use any services that allow us to get information by VIN. There are plenty of them on the Internet. It is reasonable to go to the MTIBU website.

Car Plates - Ukraine

A mobile application for Android that allows you to quickly and efficiently find VIN by state registration number. You can easily download this application in the Market Play.

Electronic driver's office

If you visit this online resource, you can check a lot of useful information about the car, including:

From the free:

  • the color initially determined by the manufacturer and the changes made later (this often happens after an accident);
  • brand and specific model;
  • production date;
  • gasoline or diesel, electricity or hybrid;
  • the number of seats in the cabin;
  • the total maximum permissible mass.

For a separate, albeit small, fee:

  • the presence of any restrictive factors, such as bail, arrest, and so on (it is better not to deal with such vehicles in principle);
  • the date of the first registration of the car in Ukraine (it can be important when it comes to cars brought from Japan, South Korea or America, Europeans can "travel" back and forth between countries, this is common everywhere);
  • information about the last operation with the car;
  • the total number of previous owners - if there were a lot of them, then it makes sense to think about the need to buy.

Thus, it is possible and even necessary to check a car without VIN number. It is not as difficult to do this as it may seem at first glance, it is enough to show a little patience, creativity and desire.