When purchasing a used or new car, a potential buyer wants to know everything about the product, and even a little more. It is not always the owner of the car is that kind of person who would rush to share history of the vehicle. And he himself does not always know what happened before him.

In this situation, it is important to know how to check a vehicle by VIN number for free or for a very small fee.

Why check the car

For some buyers, the characteristics of the car are important, as they say, here and now. You can watch, take a ride, evaluate the engine and acceleration. Everything else, in their opinion, is a waste of time. But there are few such kind of buyers. For most people, the purchase of a vehicle is a serious deal that requires a careful approach. Obviously, it would not be superfluous to know the history of the car: whether it was beaten, where it went, who drove it, and so on. If you check a car VIN number for free, you can find answers to many questions of interest.

Which services will help you find out information about cars for free

Universal Independent Car Diagnostics

Unda is a well–known and trustworthy platform. First of all, it allows you to get a fairly wide range of information on the state number of the car. But there is also a VIN check here. This applies most often to Korean cars, but the information in the database is really extensive.

By the way, some creative buyers find out the state number by VIN, if there is no such data, and then go to Unda for verification.


Many people are interested in how do I check VIN number for free? This service will definitely help you. We are talking about a very powerful service, the capabilities of which must be used without fail. There is no specific specialization in the manufacturing country, region or continent. The huge number of cars in the database practically guarantees a positive result, although it is not 100%.

In the resulting report, a person who decides to check a car for free using a VIN code can find the following relevant and, importantly, reliable information:

  • The presence of acquired defects. Modern craftsmen have learned to deal with body damage in road accidents quite effectively. Moreover, this is usually a cosmetic finish that hides the very fact of an accident. A person gets a car with a broken geometry, and the safety of the vehicle is significantly reduced. Not all people risk buying a broken car, even despite the reduced prices. Concealing the fact of an accident and damage allows someone to increase the price and speed up the sale.
  • A selection of photographs from different periods of the car's "life". Again, here you can assess whether the body was painted, whether any design changes were made that may affect safety or cause refusal of registration (or other sanctioned actions, up to confiscation) by the traffic police.
  • A complete list of owners. This information is important from the point of view that problematic cars are more often sold.
  • Separately, it should be said about the mileage that the car has passed during its operation. Today, deliberately twisting the mileage is a real scourge. Almost everyone who sells a car, especially if they do it regularly, tries to reduce mileage. In this case, the price increases significantly because low mileage indirectly indicates careful use, good condition of the engine and chassis, etc.

It is important that on this resource you can find out was the car even wanted.

Checking American cars

Cars from the USA are increasingly entering the automotive market. They are in demand among buyers. However, this particular product is the most difficult to check, at least in comparison with Europeans or the same Koreans. As a result, there is much more deception and fraud here.

You may wonder how can I check VIN number for free in such a difficult situation. The optimal solution would be to use resources such as poctra.com and vincheck.info. These resources are quite "reputable". Suffice it to say that they are actively used by the Americans themselves.

Looking through the search engine

Another fairly effective, simple and understandable way that people often forget about is the operation of standard search engines, such as Google. If you don't know how to check VIN number for free there, just put the VIN and see the information in the output list. This simple technique can bring the most unexpected and very useful information to a potential buyer.

It is clear that this option is not relevant for all cars, but why not use it and test your luck, especially since it does not require investments at all, as well as efforts.

Shareware services

The price is about $10. Agree, it is so little compared to the cost of a vehicle. One of the popular shareware resources, let's call them that, is СarVertical. A big plus would be information about whether the car was used for commercial purposes: taxis, training tasks in driving schools, law enforcement agencies, etc.

In conclusion, we note the following. It is quite simple to verify the car by the state number or by VIN number for free. There are plenty of relevant services. You can also pay a very small amount to check the machine on paid resources, where the databases will be more extensive.