Not everyone can afford to buy a brand new car. And, frankly speaking, there is no special need for this. However, the purchase of a used car, even for a short time, is always associated with certain risks. It may be stolen, mortgaged to a bank or other financial institution, and who knows what other encumbrances on this vehicle?

Nowadays, in the context of the widespread use of the Internet, it is not difficult to check the car equipment by VIN code. A thoughtful reader may ask about the need for such a check in general. Maybe it makes sense to do without it?

Why do I need to find out the car by VIN?

Indeed, you can not be interested in the question of how to check the car equipment by VIN code. Some people do not check the purchased goods at all – they trust the seller. But is it right? The answer is obvious: such an approach is fraught with unnecessary expenses and the acquisition of a "pig in a poke".

It makes sense to find out the complete set by VIN number for the following reasons:

  1. Make sure that the seller is a responsible, decent person. If he claims, for example, that a certain type of device has always been in the car or, conversely, was missing, and you know that this is not true, then there is a high probability of fraud in other areas of the transaction. In this case, you need to be extremely careful and cautious, and it is better to immediately abandon such a purchase.
  2. Even if something from the standard, factory configuration is missing, the new owner will always be able to eliminate this point. Moreover, he will understand what he needs to buy. The same applies to possible installations of similar devices. In general, such aspects are checked during a visual inspection of the vehicle, but the potential buyer gets the opportunity to assess the conditions of future operation, as they say, in advance.

Important: conducting an inspection in itself indicates the seriousness of the buyer's intentions. And the seller has less desire to lie in the future. He understands that in this case there is a chance that the deal will simply fail.

Options for checking the car equipment by VIN code

In practice, there are two approaches to solving the task: free and paid checking. Each of the options has its own positive and negative sides. For example, free collection of information does not require additional costs, and paid services provide advanced data. Here you can find out the full configuration by VIN number.

Let's look at the most popular online verification services.

This portal has proven itself only on the positive side. It is used by motorists and car owners in various countries of the world. It contains information about almost all "Americans" who could potentially be on the Ukrainian market. You get not only information about the original kit, but also photos and information about accidents, former and current owners, and a lot of other interesting things.

The site is free, which is a big plus. But in this case, you can count on partial information about the car. You will certainly recognize the main directions – the engine, suspension, air conditioners and so on. But to check the car equipment by VIN code, as they say, "up to the bolt"  you can only on a paid basis.

Note that the fee is only 10 US dollars, which are transferred via the messenger on the site. After that, everything you wanted to know comes to the specified email address, and even what you never guessed.

It is another powerful tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently find information about the car. You can determine the car equipment by VIN code in automatic or manual mode.

It is important that information is not just taken from the "world Wide Web". As you know, there is a lot of useful, useless and, most importantly, false. The information comes directly from the databases of manufacturers, both American and European, as well as Japanese and Korean. In general, the list is quite wide. As a result, the probability that you will be able to get the information you are interested in is quite high.

Now about the completeness of the information. It varies with different requests for VIN numbers. This is due to the fact that vehicle manufacturers do not always provide full access to this information. What is the reason for this? Unclear. Perhaps they are being reinsured in this way, covering up last-minute changes.

Here, by the way, you can quickly get a decryption of the interested VIN number. You can also learn a lot from it: body types and drive, platform, year of manufacture and a specific model. The intended sales market is encoded in a combination of 17 numbers and letters. And the configuration, for example, for Europe and other countries in the same Nissan may differ significantly, not to mention the American continent. It is clear that it is more often reasonable to purchase cars that were originally intended for internal consumption. Although this statement is not always relevant.

National resources

It is worth noting that there is no common database on cars in the European Union. Each country has its own projects. Thus, if you decide to buy a car in an EU country, then it is necessary to run it through its own national bases. This, by the way, will ensure that the most complete information is obtained not only on the configuration (the main issue), but also on the history of the car, its owners and participation in accidents.

Classic search engines

The easiest way is to type the VIN number into the Google search engine. At the exit, you will receive a lot of very different information. Some of it will turn out to be unreliable. This also applies to the configuration. Sometimes websites post complete nonsense to increase traffic. Nevertheless, with a competent, attentive and thoughtful approach, you can find a lot of useful information on completing a particular car on the Internet.

Telegram bots

Another tool that can and even should be used is a variety of bots written for the Telegram messenger. They appear with enviable popularity. Sometimes they are produced by the vehicle manufacturers themselves. At least, leading corporations such as Audi, Nissan, PW and some others definitely have them. With the help of this bot, VIN information is generated.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say the following. Modern technologies really allow you to get a lot of useful and important information, including information about the configuration of cars. For this reason, you should not ignore the capabilities of specialized services. Moreover, in order to checking the equipment of a car by VIN code, it makes sense to turn to paid resources. By paying about 10-20-50 USD, you get truthful information that you can use when buying a car. For example, if the equipment does not match, you can bring down the price by a much larger amount.

In general, the ability to check the equipment of vehicles by VIN code is a very useful “thing”.