Buying a car is challenging, as there are many questions and details. Selling a car can be even more challenging, especially if it has an undesirable history. Even before arriving in your country, undesired events could have occurred on the American continent. It is fundamentally important in this situation to know how to delete the history of a car from the USA.

There can actually be quite a lot of options. Some are effective, while others are useless from a practical standpoint. Let's try to consider services that have proven their worth just only on the positive side.

This is perhaps one of the most useful platforms, as it allows you to remove the VIN code of American vehicles from a wide variety of databases, and primarily these are available for users in Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Georgia.

Of the undoubted advantages of using this site's service, the following stand out:

  1. High efficiency. Not all vehicles here will be found in the databases without exception, but a significant majority will undoubtedly be there.
  2. Availability of a free consultation. Experienced specialists provide assistance. They will suggest the optimal solution in the most difficult and unusual situations.
  3. A user-friendly and intuitive interface that anyone, even not the most experienced computer user, can figure out. In general, everything is just "outrageously" good here.

Most importantly, the company has been in the market for more than 10 years. And this is a serious time to prove your worth. It's no secret that random players don't stay here for long.

Here you can check the car by VIN code

This is another promising option to clear the history of cars from America. Like the previous service, the platform works with major auction houses in the USA including Copart, IAAI and Manheim. The average person primarily searches for information in the databases of these auction houses through Internet services.

The platform suggests deleting the following information:

  • cases of road accidents, both on the American continent, and already in our country;
  • if this has happened, the service will help you remove photos of the car from the history of various databases before repairs (this is one of the most informative sources for potential buyers);
  • information that relates directly to the car – mileage, date of change of ownership, cost during previous sales (these details are beneficial for those who were able to buy a vehicle at a low cost).

Both of the above platforms offer to order a report, which makes it easy to understand where, in principle, there is information about the car. And we strongly recommend using this opportunity.


This company specialises more in the delivery of customized cars and auctions. Quite rational and reasonable conditions are presented here. And, as an additional service, they will assist, if requested by the customer, to delete the history of an American car. As a rule, it takes approximately 3-5 working days to complete the cleaning order.

The algorithm of actions of the car owner

In each case, there are possible options. However, in an exaggerated format, it is possible to designate a certain sequence of actions for the owner of the vehicle, according to which the desired result can be achieved.

Selection of a company for cooperation

As noted above, there are plenty of offers on the automotive market in this regard. However, it is probably not worth contacting the first office you come across right away. The ways to delete a car's history from America are about the same for everyone, but the result is not always the same.

In this regard, it makes sense to contact trusted companies. They have been working successfully for a long time and have earned an impeccable reputation, as evidenced by numerous positive, and sometimes frankly enthusiastic customer reviews.

Making a list of websites

There are a certain number of portals where our compatriots try to find information about cars by their state number or VIN code. No one will contact the traffic police bases, but there is actually little information there. But it is necessary to determine from which specific resources, information platforms and auctions it is worth deleting the VIN. Of course, the company's employees can do this, but it is not bad if customers participate in this themselves.

Payment for services

There are certainly free offers on the web. And it is worth trying to use them, if, of course, you have the time and desire to take a chance. With a high probability, you will just be deceived. If they try to do anything, it will be just formal, without a professional approach. In the end, such "professionals" may attract unnecessary attention to the car from the auction control structures. And then in the future it will become extremely difficult or even impossible to delete the history of a car from the USA.

For this reason, it makes sense to start immediately with paid platforms. As practice shows, it is possible to earn much more on the cost of a vehicle in the future with the successful removal of history and photos. In general, this may actually be a good business option for the delivery of broken cars from America, their restoration and resale.

Waiting for a progress report

The procedure usually takes up to a week. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to cope with such a task faster. Platforms have to work with resources operating in America, both the USA and Canada. In addition, local sites periodically download their databases. In the future, they issue them for a long time as new. And such private traders also have to seek out and negotiate with them about removal. All this takes a lot of time, and you will have to put up with this fact. If you are promised to do everything in a couple of hours, then there is a high probability that ordinary scammers are acting.

Control checks

No matter how proven and reliable the office is, but upon completion of cooperation, it makes sense to independently check the information and try to find it. And this is where free sites or even the standard Google search engine are suitable.

It is possible that with such a simple check, even at first glance, it will turn out that the information is still preserved somewhere. In this situation, contact the performers without delay. There is no doubt that they will finish their work for free, quickly and without unnecessary questions.

In conclusion, we note the following. There are a variety of situations in life, including those when it is necessary to clear the history of the car. You will definitely not be able to cope with such a task on your own, so by all means contact the professionals. In this case, the result will be guaranteed.