Knowledge of the VIN number, which is assigned to all cars without exception, provides wide possibilities. In particular, this information allows you to determine the country of manufacture by VIN code. Many well-known brands willingly relocate production to third countries with cheap labor and energy resources. In general, the reasons can be varied.

However, car buyers need to know where exactly a particular unit was assembled. This affects the quality and lifespan of the vehicle. That is why we will try to figure out how to find out the country of car assembly by VIN code.

There are several methods. Some of them are free, while others require some investment. But the amounts are so small compared to the cost of any car, even the simplest one, that they can confidently be classified as statistical error. By the way, free methods often lag behind paid services in this matter.

Services for VIN Decoding

Specialized platforms for decoding factory numbers are narrow-focused. These platforms include:

It is necessary to note that these platforms have a number of undeniable advantages that are worth using:

  1. Specific, clear, and structured information. There is nothing superfluous here. Suppose, in full vehicle reports, there is so much information that it is very easy to get confused. If we are only interested in the country of assembly, then such volume of content is unnecessary. Everything here is laid out neatly and understandable at first glance.
  2. Free of charge. As already noted, the amounts there are very small. But you don't even have to spend them if you use VIN decoding services. As a rule, this function is installed on large portals and is designed primarily to attract visitors. Such internet resources earn their money in a completely different way, for example, through advertising or sales/deliveries of cars from abroad.
  3. Speed of obtaining data. In the vast majority of cases, it is sufficient to perform standard copy-paste operations, press the search button, and get the desired result.
  4. Humans tend to make mistakes, and not all information presented on the internet is truly reliable. Similar services have long been and, as a rule, successfully work in this segment, their algorithms are proven and reliable.

Our service helps determine the country of manufacture of a car by VIN code, as well as its assembly location. However, this function is rather secondary. First and foremost, it generates a full report on the vehicle and, if necessary, deletes the entire history of a car purchased in the USA, Korea, or Canada.

Independent Information Search About Cars

This is perhaps the simplest and most understandable option for everyone. There is plenty of information on the Internet that allows you to obtain the necessary information about the place of car production. Usually, this is done through Google and entering the VIN into the search bar.

This method, frankly, has only one advantage. And it lies in its free and fast nature. In many cases, it is not possible to obtain the necessary information on the question of interest, even if there are some links to the car at all. Most often, this option allows you to find photos of the car.


Undoubtedly, it is possible to determine the country of assembly by the VIN code independently, but for this, one needs to possess certain theoretical knowledge. They are quite extensive, so let's focus on the basic aspects of self-decoding. Here it is worth considering the first three characters in the seventeen-character combination.

The first one indicates the region in general, the geographical area.

Together with the second, the first character indicates the country, and together with the third, it also indicates the manufacturing plant.

Let's consider some examples:

  • SA-SM – the car is manufactured in the United Kingdom;
  • WA-WO – this is Germany, and the cars are assembled specifically there, not under license or franchise somewhere in Uzbekistan;
  • by the way, for Uzbekistan, the number will start with NST;
  • 1A-1O – these are the United States of America, our compatriots are increasingly ordering cars from their auctions (so it is worth checking that the assembly is indeed American);
  • VF-VR is used for "French" cars in their native assembly;
  • LA-LO – this is the People's Republic of China, also very popular cars lately.

In conclusion, it should be said that determining the country of manufacture of the car you intend to purchase is actually quite simple. For this, basic computer skills are required. You can search for information yourself or use special services. In any case, it is much more important to establish the authenticity of this number itself and to gather information about the history of the car.